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J.H.Rose & Sons Ltd – Our History

Our company is now in it’s fourth generation, dating back to the 1880’s.

JOHN HENRY ROSE was born in 1862 in the nearby village of Milton, he was employed as a carter by the Matthew family at Purns Mill.  The Matthew family, generously agreed to lend John their horse and cart, which he took to Radstock and returned with coal, which he sold to householders in Gillingham and the surrounding areas.

Sometime later John bought premises in Newbury, Gillingham and also leased a piece of the goods yard at Gillingham station, John was not only delivering coal, but all manner of things.  At one time he had 24 cart horses and even operated the town rubbish cart.

During the first world war, John continued his business, despite having his furniture van commandeered by the Army who also made him an official horse buyer.

In 1928 John Rose died, leaving his wife, five daughters and two sons.  The two sons Bert and Archie took on the business until 1939, when they decided to go their own ways.  Archie Rose carried on with the business through the second world war, with very little labour to help. The horses were now gone and replaced with motor power.

In the 1950’s Archie’s eldest son Michael (the current owners Father) joined the company and in 1954, after the denationalisation of the road transport network, he started the long distance haulage part of the business.  Over the years, the lorries increased, hauling goods for many well known local companies.

Michael’s two sons Chris and Tim, joined the company in 1972 and 1978 respectively.  Chris has expanded the workshop repairs and in 1988 started a hydraulic hose replacement service.  This developed rapidly with the company becoming a Parker store in 2009 and in 2011 Chris put the first Hose Doctor, mobile hose repair van on the road.

When Tim joined in 1978, the company moved into tipper haulage, in the 1980’s sales of sand and gravel were added.  In 1987, after the acquisition of a local feed haulage company, J H Rose started to deliver animal feed, in specialised bulk blowers, which continues to the present day, run by Tim.

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